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Launch your cloud database in an instant.
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What does this website offer?
This website offers a database that is being run on the cloud. A cloud is usually defined as a network of powerful computers, also known as servers, that combine or spread their processing power to complete a task.
Who is this service for?
This service is for starters, developers & businesses who are developing a website, game, application, etc... and need a database to store information. Critical to mention, this is in no way a drive service, as all information are inputted via an API instead of an interface.
What kind of database is offered?
We offer a SQL database based in MariaDB, which executes commands in a certain order, based on the action you are ordering.
How much performance is allocated?
We run our services on a cloud of connected servers, with powerful multi-core proccessors, plenty of high-MHz DDR4 RAM, and fast SSDs with the ability of live information caching. Our servers progressively grow in hardware based on the performance demanded by our services.
What security do you appy?
All website requests run under http-secure protocols to ensure all information are encrypted and safe for transfer & use. In addition, sensitive inputted information such as passwords are one-way encrypted to ensure they are never available to anyone but their rightful owner.
Who founded this?
This is a "sole proprietorship" company founded by "Evangelos Dedes". He is a Software Engineer with many years of experience, and owns best-selling game-extension products. You can directly contact the founder via the Discord Server, or via his website vagdedes.com.
How can I connect with you?
You can better connect with us by joining our Discord Server. We make announcements regarding our products, status & community. You can also get in contact with staff and receive live question support. We are growing a community full of creative individuals.
Why choose this over a manual database?
The answer is simple. We lower the complexity in a fundimental level, with affordable pricing, in a product that works out of the box.
Where can I receive support?
If you would like to report an problem or get answers, please use the Support Page by filling its form. We will be happy to assist you and review your matter.
How does the API work?
Our API is based in JSON, which many would describe as a reading language. Take as an example YAML or TXT. A request filled with certain arguments is made to our API server. If the arguments are correct, they will be redirected to our system which will then apply the analogous changes to your database. With every request, our API server will reply with a few information regarding the result & state of the action.
How do you handle load?
Our services run on multiple servers that are secretly connected together. Additionally, requests are load balanced between servers of the same kind for lower delays and an overall great experience. For example, your account's information are securely stored on separate servers, so if the website goes down, our API server will still identify all information about you.
Where are your services located?
Our servers are located in Central Europe and we aim to expand in North America in the future. We use trusted, major & non-reselling companies that surpass millions in revenue.
What does .io domain extension refer too?
The domain extension simply refers to input & output, and it is an attraction to many developers. However, the legal definition is far apart from that.