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Launch your cloud database in an instant.
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Multi-Location Support
We offer multiple servers all over the globe to ensure our customers' products & services run at almost local speeds.
Easy To Use
The API will replace your ordinary database commands with a few easy-to-use methods, resulting in no fear of errors or bugs, and ultimately making your job easier.
Cloud Choice
You are in good hands. Minimizer.io chooses only reputable cloud computing services such as DigitalOcean & Hetzner, making sure our customers have affordable prices and the quality performance we are promising.
Upgrade On The Go
The database's performance allocation will progressively grow based on your service's demands. We structure our network with industry standards to ensure its consistent improvement.
SQL Quality
We use MariaDB for our database instances, which is the world's biggest open-source SQL database. You can learn more about this extraordinary project at mariaDB.org.
Not Convinced?
Ask us your questions or seek support, and we will be happy to assist you. We value our customers as we value the ideas behind our services.
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